tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post1043005330830338998..comments2014-08-13T13:14:14.054+01:00Comments on naijablog: Gbenga vs MojiJeremy[email protected]Blogger17125tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-21503630725193327402008-01-25T22:47:00.000+01:002008-01-25T22:47:00.000+01:00this is just a big shame to their family and the c...this is just a big shame to their family and the country as a whole. but wait, is this really true?Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-63133393575487347472008-01-22T15:21:00.000+01:002008-01-22T15:21:00.000+01:00This is all too sad and Genga must be laughed at f...This is all too sad and Genga must be laughed at for allowing himself to be cuckoled in this way.<BR/>I do not beleive that Moji slept with OBJ but he knows that such an accusation would help him in acquiring his divorce and not having to give out any money.<BR/><BR/>This should not be entartained at all. What a sad sad matterAmaki[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-48466221474916158732008-01-20T18:06:00.000+01:002008-01-20T18:06:00.000+01:00those of you defending moji, let's wait for the dn...those of you defending moji, let's wait for the dna test. it seems women never want to believe that women do evil thingsAnonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-38575660373282855042008-01-20T03:59:00.000+01:002008-01-20T03:59:00.000+01:00The point is at this stage in Gbenga's life he sho...The point is at this stage in Gbenga's life he should be wiser and not be behaving like a primary school boy in saying A today and B tommorow as the reasons for the collapse of his marriage, its always somebody else Moji not knowing how to cook or Moji's father interfering in his marital life and so on.... Seems to me that others have to shoulder the blame in his game, it takes 2 to make a marriage work and make a HOME together, likewise it also takes 2 to make a marriage crash, so he needs to wake up and smell the roses,and quit swimming in the sea of me, and see that his thumb is pointing at himself. That being said Mojisola too seems to be acting like a greedy fool asking for this amount and that amount, money should not be her consolation after all she has been through assuming that these insinuations are all true! she will need more than money to make her right both upstairs and all around again. Now people we are Africans. Where are all our elders and what are they doing watching these 2 wreck their lives and the future of their 2 lovely children who came to this world asking for none of this mess. Shame to all who attended their wedding as history has them all decked out in OVATION magazine so none of them can hide. where are the elders at that wedding now to guide this young'uns aright, maybe they will still be able to come out of this mess at least with less mud sticking on them. In Ray Charles' words "Heaven Help Us all"Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-71819757515290015722008-01-19T04:03:00.000+01:002008-01-19T04:03:00.000+01:00To Everyone Hating on Moji Obasanjo<A HREF="http://sugabelly.blogspot.com/2008/01/to-everyone-that-is-hating-on-moji.html" REL="nofollow">To Everyone Hating on Moji Obasanjo</A>Sugabellyhttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17943638849867603413[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-46540886611200397352008-01-17T17:02:00.000+01:002008-01-17T17:02:00.000+01:00This is very sad. I can't believe that Gbenga woul...This is very sad. I can't believe that Gbenga would accuse his wife of such heinous acts! I dont believe everything he is accusing Moji of. I attended School with her and she is not at all what her describes her as. I pray that God intervenes in this matterAnonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-30627949238028082692008-01-17T12:14:00.000+01:002008-01-17T12:14:00.000+01:00I recently read a story called "The weight of Whis...I recently read a story called "The weight of Whispers", a profound term if i ever heard one. A rumour, a wisphered thing is in and of itself weightless, nothing but spoken words into the air;an intangible thing that has so much power (weight),usually to destroy. The saddest thing in all of this to me, and i proudly admit to being on Team Moji, is that that this girl probably confided her deepest darkest intimate secret (being sexually abused by her father) to the person she thought was her life partner, her husband Gbenga. I dont doubt the molestation part of Gbengas story- but i think he has taken her confided story (smoke) and fanned it into a false raging fire- added 2 and 2 and come up with 22. "She was molested by her father therefore she was also sleeping with my father" and sadly because we live in a society that is so quick to judge and condemn women, people are accepting Gbengas story (because this [now]woman has engaged in [forced]sexual relations with her parent (never mind that it was surely wnon consensual and statutory rape and etc and etc),in the past she is therefore CAPABLE of having had sex with her father in law, the ex president, and lets just put a naija spin on it, FOR CONTRACTS!and basically the victim is being victimized ,again.There is afterall, no smoke without fire, right?<BR/>This is all so sad and the issue of child molestation within a middle/upper class milieu should be addressed. we always act like these things are western and dont happen within the educated class. how wrong we are. I wish Moji all the best in the months ahead, and i hope next time she chooses a partner she excercises better judgement.Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-84380847780424379562008-01-17T11:30:00.000+01:002008-01-17T11:30:00.000+01:00Too sad for words....Too sad for words....Uzohttp://www.blogger.com/profile/08546598626824830828[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-7503546038907002132008-01-17T10:32:00.000+01:002008-01-17T10:32:00.000+01:00Like Ijebuman said on his blog, even Mr Springer w...Like Ijebuman said on his blog, even Mr Springer will find this show too hot to handle. You simply cant make this up. Its always being alleged that OBJ has a reputation….being ‘handsomely challenged’ and having power does this to some.ababoypart2http://www.blogger.com/profile/07587410229783052997[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-30421761456777401972008-01-17T03:34:00.000+01:002008-01-17T03:34:00.000+01:00meanwhile is anyone thinking about the psychologic...meanwhile is anyone thinking about the psychological effects all this will have on the children? it's bound to come, sooner or later; is anyone thinking of counselling etc etc for them? they are perhaps the ones to be most pitied in this unfolding tragedy....Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-1847167090015065932008-01-17T02:29:00.000+01:002008-01-17T02:29:00.000+01:00This is indeed so SAD!!!! Theres no reason at all ...This is indeed so SAD!!!! Theres no reason at all for Husband and Wife to expose themselves at the joy of their enemies...besides whats all this ridiculous revelations and claims, they can ofcourse sort out their issues and not rub it on the faces of poor Nigerians who are obviously bitter about money not being well circulated involved. I hope Gbenga on his part can answer to all the allegations made against him and Would Moji really get all that compensation....alot of WISDOM is necessary here and obviously not one of the couple has showed any signs to be wise...hmmmmm I told marriage was for better for worse and both parties must have envisaged spent their lifetime together..... What a BIG BIG M-E-S-S!!!!Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-70860239579744726662008-01-17T00:09:00.000+01:002008-01-17T00:09:00.000+01:00Meanwhile, Jeremy, na dis one sweet me pass:"The s...Meanwhile, Jeremy, na dis one sweet me pass:<BR/><BR/>"The sum of £360,000, she claimed, would cover cost of school fees for a period of six years each for the two children at a secondary school in Switzerland already picked by their father, while $400,000 would be the cost of a four-year degree programme for both of the children in an American University"<BR/><BR/>Switzerland ke? ah! Niger-Delta, see as una don suffer....Waffarianhttp://www.blogger.com/profile/06039619178621668954[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-51244723587109769942008-01-16T21:25:00.000+01:002008-01-16T21:25:00.000+01:00The story as a whole is quite unfortunate from eve...The story as a whole is quite unfortunate from every angle, true or false. However it does present opportunities for debate and discussion on very important issues:<BR/><BR/>A. On Sexually Related Crimes: Including incest, paedophilia, harrassment - what struck me was that while alleged, the scenario is entirely believable for most Naija people, many of whom have experienced it one form or another, whether male or femal, successful or not. <BR/><BR/>B. On Corruption, Embezzlement & Crime: You dont talk am already Jeremy...why is noone investigating? 60% of the work has already been done.<BR/><BR/>C. On the Benevolent Leader/Big Man syndrome: why does our government and societal structure continue to remain this way? All money/power/ contracts residing with one or a few persons, and everyone else must beg, crawl, bribr et al to get a little something from the one person.<BR/><BR/>D. On the sorry state of Educational Structure: on the one hand, ALLEGEDLY, Gbenga advocates Bells School (owned by his father) and University of Ibadan for his kids education. On the other hand, Moji, ALLEGEDLY wants boarding school in Switzerland, and University in the U.S. For sooo many Nigerians, there isnt even a choice...<BR/><BR/>All in all, very sad. As they say, "mo' money, mo' problems..."MsMak[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-26687214964469888272008-01-16T21:09:00.000+01:002008-01-16T21:09:00.000+01:00like u said "in any other country".. really sadlike u said "in any other country".. really sadchiomahttp://www.blogger.com/profile/04971734458299867470[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-48822278081419999972008-01-16T13:28:00.000+01:002008-01-16T13:28:00.000+01:00Even 'Nollywood' couldn't make this stuff up. Saha...Even 'Nollywood' couldn't make this stuff up. <BR/>Sahara reporters has a photo gallery of the main actors on it's homepage. <BR/><BR/>'poor' OBJ, talk about the chickens coming home to roost...ijebumanhttp://www.blogger.com/profile/03145810561251441840[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-84172125130413482652008-01-16T13:15:00.000+01:002008-01-16T13:15:00.000+01:00Lord have mercy!Lord have mercy!Aloofaahttp://www.blogger.com/profile/08885085905043779320[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-4027315222972062462008-01-16T10:36:00.000+01:002008-01-16T10:36:00.000+01:00Hello Jeremy,I do find it so sad but it also expos...Hello Jeremy,<BR/><BR/>I do find it so sad but it also exposes an underbelly of sexual abuse, real or imagined in this case in Nigeria - paedophilia, incest and the domination of women for sexual favours.<BR/><BR/>Strangely, I had only written a few days ago about <A HREF="http://akin.blog-city.com/brood_of_vipers.htm" REL="nofollow">children of African leaders</A> and the way they peddle influence - this list should and must entertain a look-in from the EFCC.<BR/><BR/>But the case of a divorce mentioning <A HREF="http://akin.blog-city.com/nigeria_divorce.htm" REL="nofollow">adulterous incest</A> leaves me completely breathless coupled with the DNA tests to determine paternity involving husband, father and father-in-law - it cannot get worse, can it?Akinhttp://akin.blog-city.com[email protected]