tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post1173533928792856490..comments2014-08-13T13:14:14.054+01:00Comments on naijablog: African writing and publishingJeremy[email protected]Blogger2125tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-7602894084819322009-07-09T16:17:19.325+01:002009-07-09T16:17:19.325+01:00the thing about Kano publishing is that while peop...the thing about Kano publishing is that while people like you think it is a good thing and is in step with popular culture, the Kano govt is doing everything in its power to disrupt the industry. <br /><br />like the film industry, this is also under serious attack by the so called censorship board which classifies evil things like kissing and holding hands as unfit for public consumption. <br /><br />maybe it&#39;s time forums like these highlight these problems and take govts like that to task.Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8686769.post-45774414951118187402009-07-07T21:52:48.876+01:002009-07-07T21:52:48.876+01:00Awwwwwwww so that&#39;s your voice? Now I feel qui...Awwwwwwww so that&#39;s your voice? Now I feel quite close to you...hahahahahaha...<br /><br />Well done. It was interesting although I thought you guys left out the aspect of &quot;self publishing&quot; which I think is quite huge, at least in Nigeria.Waffarianhttp://www.blogger.com/profile/06039619178621668954[email protected]