Friday, February 17, 2012

King Duke IX of Old Calabar, 1895


Anonymous,  5:30 pm  

you always post without leaving commentary or context. why?

Jeremy 5:32 pm  

Its Calabar. Its the late 19th century. I don't have any more context than this. Do images always have to have labels to the side of them?

Velvet 9:47 pm  

Wow. They are all gone. Even the children of the kids in the picture will be very old now. That must be the wife standing, right?

Anonymous,  2:40 pm  

thank you Jeremy, fascinating to have a view of 19th Century Obong, as an Efik Girl, all i can say is Thank you !

Anonymous,  8:05 pm  

Interesting picture with lots of subtext.
Males sitting, females standing.
Children close to father, wife standing a little apart - the children belong to the man.
Confident look of the males contrasted with the bleak, accepting expressions of the females.
Males the focal point, females close to edge of frame, their presence almost apologetic. Brilliant photo!

Erni 5:00 am  

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Anonymous,  3:54 pm  

how do you know the woman behind is the wife and not also his child. he appears to be holding the younger children closer (even the girl child on the right of the pic). you ascribe too much to the expressions of the youngsters. I'm sure the obong had plenty of males he could have substituted instead of bothering with a couple of "lowly" women, least of all a 'wife.'

Anonymous,  3:57 pm  

how do you know the woman behind is a wife and not also a daughter? looks like he has the young children closer to himself and the older person standing behind.

Umoh 2:37 pm  
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Umoh 2:37 pm  

Wow! I can't belive it. That's a photo of my Great Grandfather.. I grew up looking at that photo every time I visited my Grandfather's house at Goldie Street in Calabar. I have to say, i'm more than a little proud to answer the name Bassey-Duke... :)

Umoh 2:41 pm  

Interesting Story that My Father told me. The reason why he always wore 2 crowns, one on top of the other was to show that he was crowned by the British as well as the Efik people...

nkoyo toyo,  3:25 pm  

Umoh, Prince Ephraim the 9th was never an Obong 9( King of Calabar), it was his father,however he was the pride of his family and a very successful merchant. I need to check this all up and get back to you with more details. Nkoyo Toyo

Likkle,  6:29 pm  

How many people do you think he handed over to the Brits during the slave trade era?

Umoh 10:40 am  

Likkle: Slave trade was abolished in the British Empire, almost 100 years before this picture was taken. Perhaps his father before him. Its estimated that around 1,000,000 slaves passed through Calabar between the 18th and 19th Century.

MsMonroe 8:59 pm  

gosh!...just see the look on his face! *shudders*

Anonymous,  11:22 am  

@ anony above, j is right. Something's pictures say more than words. Well done j.

Anonymous,  8:29 pm  

If my family name is Duke is it likely we are related? My late father was from Calabar?

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