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Maga No Need Pay

When faster/cheaper internet comes to Nigeria (its been a long wait) there is risk that the yahoo boys may upgrade into something a little more Muscovite - the DOS business model etc. In which case, Microsoft has chipped in by funding Banky W, Bez, Cobhams, MI, Modele, Omawumu, Rooftop MCs and Wordsmith to come up with this little confection..


Waffarian 11:48 am  

You dey late these days oh...

Anyway, go to to see the arguments about this video.

Some have issues with the use of "ajebutters" to make the video, others have issues with Dele Momodu being in it, some have issues with the "spree spree" (American/British accents) used to reach street hustlers...etc. My own wahala na the incorrect pidgin english wey dem use.HAHAHAHAHA

However, I do believe they catered more to making it sound right for their sponsors than making it understandable to the people they are supposed to be reaching...and the choice of artists for the song is also questionable. "Yahoo Yahoo" boys do not listen to Nigerian/American style can't even understand what they are saying with those accents...

MsMak,  6:11 pm  

I too have serious issues with Dele Momodu being in that video. Once i saw him, the song lost all credibility. I mean, how many times was the notorious Fred Ajudua prominently featured on the cover of Ovation, Momodu's crap of a magazine?

Myne Whitman 7:50 pm  

I have to confess that I liked the song and video. A lot of people listen to and admire those artistes who are all well known in naija.

Dapxin 2:32 am  

Its just wrong....on a whole lot of ranges.


Anonymous,  11:42 am  

me i liked it sha....

Mr. Fix Nigeria 12:40 pm  

This song was recorded for the B.L.I.N.G. project initiated by Ohimai Godwin Amaize as an ambassador of the Microsoft Internet Safety, Security and Privacy Initiative for Nigeria (MISSPIN) a joint campaign by Microsoft and Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) which seeks to re-direct the energies of young Nigerians from cyber crime to positive online engagements.

The B.L.I.N.G. musical collaboration project which enjoys the sponsorship of Microsoft has the benefit of having Cobhams Asuquo as producer, and an impressive line-up of artistes who volunteered to support the B.L.I.N.G. project: Banky W, MI, Modele, Omawumi, Rooftop MCs, Bez and Wordsmith. Also, several Nigerian celebrities like Fela Durotoye, Dele Momodu, Denrele Edun, Ofunneka Molokwu, Iyanya etc turned up at the video shoot in Lagos in January, 2010.

According to Tim Cranton, Associate General Counsel, Microsoft "MISSPIN Ambassador Ohimai Godwin Amaize is working to shift cultural perceptions of scammers and their victims through the B.L.I.N.G. project, which unites some of Nigeria’s most influential musicians around the problem of cybercrime. Their song, “Maga No Need Pay,” challenges young Nigerians to resist the temptation of “yahoo-yahoo” and avoid creating more maga, or victims. The song, an Afro Hip-Hop and R&B fusion, is intended to help inspire both national and international audiences."

Mr. Fix Nigeria 12:41 pm  

Below are the lyrics of the song:

Echo: Eh!...Eh!...Eh!...Eh-Eh!...
Maga no need pay!
For me to buy correct motor,
For me to take make my dough,
Maga no need pay!
Eh! Eh!
Maga no need pay!

Verse 1: Omawumi
Reminiscing as I walk to my car,
Thinking about how it used to be,
For Ekpoma, I dey ride okada and most times I dey soak garri,
I wanted to change the way I lived
But I didn’t have to do those things.
Now I’m rolling VIP
And all the girls wanna be like me, yeah...

Verse 2: Modele
You ask me how I deal with my reality,
Gotta tell you truly it ain’t easy, no!
I feel the pressure to find something wrong to do
Then I remember you reap what you sow!
Now I’m sitting staring at the screen of my computer,
I’m thinking really hard about what truly matters,
What with all these data, just to catch a maga,
It could have been my father, or someone else’s brother

Chorus: Banky W, Cobhams Asuquo & Omawumi
Maga no need pay!
For me to buy correct motor,
For me to take make my dough
Maga no need pay!
No need for me to go cafe
I hustle hard to make my pay
Maga no need pay
No need to do Yahoo-Yahoo (to do Yahoo-Yahoo)
Maga no need pay!
Eh! Eh!
Maga no need pay!
Eh! Eh!...Eh! Eh!

Verse 3: Banky W
Seven in the morning, it’s a brand new day
Eyes still swelling, still at the cafe
Hustling real hard from Sunday to Sunday
Hoping someday that maga will pay
But maga no need pay
For me to live correct
They call me Mr. Capable, I gat my self-respect
No need to do Yahoo-Yahoo for me to cash a cheque
I don’t need no maga, just work harder now

Verse 4: Bez
Tell me what a boy like me should do
Thought I heard the guys that rule do Yahoo-Yahoo
And if I do not do it I’m uncool
I’ll be a fool to the girls in school
But maga no need pay to get a good degree,
Or have a great opportunity
Don’t have to hack and attack,
Make use of CD cracks
We’re keepin’ it original, now you know my swag

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5: Rooftop MCs (Soulsnatcha & Sokleva)
Twale officer!
What’s the problem sir?
Or there’s a law against cruising in a Range sir?
I don’t know what you think we are,
Cos we roll in fancy car?
We’re making the sweet money,
I call it the candy bar.
All those wey maga pay,
Where dem dey today?
I’m straight no deceit,
My money get receipt!
I don’t mess with cybercrimes,
But I make the cypher rhyme.
I get paid for my time,
Don’t need to scam a dime!

Verse 6: Wordsmith
I’m your role model’s role model,
There’s no second guessing whom...
Wordsmith was made to make you change like a dressing room.
I’m living proof that there’s dignity in labour,
My bars is life imprisonment and this is hard labour.

Verse 7: MI
My father said I was a star before I ever spit a bar,
He said when you travel far,
Don’t forget who you are.
Represent Nigeria,
Represent for Africa.
Even when the things were hard,
I place my future in my God, (Yes, yeah)
See my nation’s reputation suffers much condemnation,
This’ our situation.
Are we cybercrime criminals? No!
We are the mineral resources of our fatherland,
We must rise and take the stand.
Every day heroes are born,
All stereotypes are torn.
Things we did to cause us harm,
We off that and now we on,
Hard work, positivity,
Truth, reliability
Expose your ability,
Change our reality,
That’s word! (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Repeat Chorus 2ice

Outro with chorus in the background: MI
Yeah, yeah...listen everybody,
Put your BLING up right now!
BLING in this case means we’re Brilliant, we’re Legitimate, we’re Inspired, we’re Nigerian and we’re Great!
It means that we do not have to do anything that we ought not to do to make money y’all!
We just gatto apply ourselves and work hard and be creative and innovative.
Be truly Nigerian.
We will get there, y’all!

Chorus till fade

Anonymous,  10:05 pm  

I think the concept is very good..

Ayeesha 11:35 pm  

Me i love the song joh. N d video o wa very tight. Dele momodu or not. The lyrics make sense.
Luv wordsmith's lyrics 'i'm your role model's role model' :)

Anonymous,  7:35 pm  

who is this Fix Nigeria fellow and why is his name Mr. Fix Nigeria???

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