Monday, February 01, 2010

Crap 419 for Sunday

Its when you get yahoo like this

"Date 31/01/2010
Greetings, I am Peter Wong writing from Hong Kong. I am writing you because I want you to join me in a business project worth 44.5M Dollars. You will have a share of 50% after we finish.

Please write me back at my private e-mail
[email protected] for more details.

Peter Wong"

that you sit back and think nostalgically about all the badly written but imaginative 419 letters you've received over the years - men stuck on spaceships, emails from Kofi Annan, Jim Ovia, or even from Ribadu back in the day. Perhaps there should be a study tour of Hong Kong wannabees to Lagos or something?


Oman's Collective Intelligence 10:53 am  

I love those mails! Full of crap but very creative and done with lots of imagination. I wonder if some people reply to those.

Tee,  4:16 pm  

Mr Wong from Hong Kong.. they are getting rhythmic now.. lol! bt some pple will still fall for it.... :(

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