Friday, February 05, 2010

Riazat Butt on Soyinka's cesspit...



zunguzungu 6:21 pm  

FWIW, I've written about Soyinka at my own blog but what has struck me about most of the commentary (including this piece) is that they act as if it's *Britain* that he's attacking. He is, a little, but it's mostly an out an out screed against Islam that mixes disappointing ignorance with a real unwillingness to actually think through a coherent position. But while the Britain is a cesspit line has gotten a lot of attention, it's the message that Islam is a religion defined by apocalyptic terrorist violence that I find so offensive (and disappointing).

Anonymous,  2:48 pm  

For Soyinka's follow up to his 'cesspit statement' visit, for example:

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