Sunday, February 14, 2010

Two Gavin Williams seminars in Abuja - not to be missed

The Centre for Democracy and Development


Department of Political Science of the University of Abuja

Invites you to two seminars by Gavin Williams, Fellow in Politics and Sociology, St Peter’s College, University of Oxford.

First Seminar

Date: 22nd February 2010

Time: 5 - 7 p. m.

Venue: Centre for Democracy and Development, 4 Kikuyu Close, off Nairobi Street, off Parakou Street, Wuse 2, Abuja

Topic: Revisiting State and Society in Nigeria (1980)


Second Seminar

Date: 23rd February 2010

Time: 11 am to 1 p.m.

Venue: Senate Chambers, University of Abuja

Topic: The Academic Vocation in an era of Commoditization

Gavin Williams is a Fellow in Politics and Sociology at St Peter’s College at the University of Oxford. He has worked extensively on the empirical study of politics and society, on political and social theory and in the impact of ideas, good and bad, on social and political action. Born in South Africa, Gavin graduated from Stellenbosch in Law and Political Philosophy, before moving to the UK where he further studied politics before lecturing in sociology and social anthropology at the Universities of Durham and Sussex. He took up his present position in Oxford in 1975.

Gavin began his research career here in Nigeria, at NISER in 1970-71. He has published on politics, political economy and land and agricultural policies in Africa, particularly Nigeria and South Africa, and is currently studying the history of the wine industry in South Africa. He has supervised over 40 doctoral theses in Oxford, many of them on Nigeria. Nigerian academia remembers him for his significant 1980 publication on State and Society in Nigeria. Gavin was founding editor of the Review of African Political Economy (1974-2000) and remains a Contributing Editor.

He edited and contributed to:

Sociology and Development (with Emmanuel de Kadt) Tavistock, 1974

Nigeria: Economy and Society, Rex Collings, 1976

Rural Development in Tropical Africa (with J Heyer & P Roberts) Macmillan 1981.

Sociology of Developing Societies: Sub-Saharan Africa (with C Allen) Macmillan 1982

Democracy, Labour and Politics in Africa and Asia: Essays in Honour of Björn

Beckman. Centre for Research and Documentation, Kano, 2004.

Among his other publications are:

‘Taking the part of peasants: rural development in Nigeria and Tanzania’ in PCW Gutkind and I Wallerstein, eds. The Political Economy of Contemporary Africa. Sage 1975/ 1985

The Origins of the Nigerian Civil War, Open University Case Study, 1983.

‘Why is there no agrarian capitalism in Nigeria?’ Journal of Historical Sociology, 1, 4, 1988.

‘Why structural adjustment is necessary and why it doesn’t work’ Review Of African Political Economy 60, 1994

‘Power, politics and democracy in Nigeria’ (with Shehu Othman) in J. Hyslop, ed., African Democracy in the Era of Globalisation, Witwatersrand University Press.

‘Democracy as Idea and as Process in Africa’, Journal of African-American History, 88, 4, 2003

‘Studying development and explaining policies, Oxford Development Studies, 31, 1, 2003

‘Land reform in South Africa’ (with R. Hall). In M. Baregu and C. Landsberg, eds, From Cape to Congo: Southern Africa’s Evolving Security Challenges, Lynne Rienner, 2003

‘Political economies, democratic citizenship and African studies, Review Of African Political Economy, 102, 2004.

‘Black empowerment in the South African wine industry’, Journal of Agrarian Change, 5, 4, 2005

2009 ‘Free and unfree labour in the Cape wine industry, 1838-1888 in J. Heyer and B. Harriss-White, eds The Political Economy of Development: Africa and South Asia, Routledge, 2009.

Books Dedicated to Gavin Williams

Ike Okonta When Citizens Revolt: Nigerian Elites, Big Oil and the Ogoni Struggle for Self-determination. Transaction, 2007

V. M. Hewitt, Political Mobilisation and Democracy in India: States of Emergency. Routledge, 2008.

A. Adebajo & A.R. Mustapha, ed., Gulliver's Troubles: Nigeria's Policy after the Cold War, University of KwaZiulku-Natal Press, 2008 (with Anthony Kirk-Greene).

A. R. Mustapha & Lindsay Whitfield, eds, Turning Points in African Democracy, James Currey, 2009.


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