Monday, February 08, 2010

When owambe styling goes ragga...

I think these ladies are related to Mr. SG, or have some knowledge of him...


Baba,  7:40 pm  

In Nigeria, money is king! Decency, morality and justice be damned.

Dapxin 2:10 am  

shouldnt you know?
You toook the picture I assume.
free citizens. whats the fuss?
take your look
go away...:)

Anonymous,  3:35 am  

What on earth is dis? I go with Baba.

Toyin,  4:12 am  

One word...WOW!

So not attractive!

Enoch 5:43 am  

These are some pretty decent ladies

Anonymous,  5:50 am  

Are they in a movie set? Seriously!

Anonymous,  12:15 pm  

v. ghettofab

Anonymous,  1:21 am  



I'm simply focused on the look on the face of the lady in the background. She's wearing red and you know she is praying that God will not strike her dead for being in such close proximity to these...classy ladies.

I wonder what the occasion was....

Anonymous,  10:13 am  

Nigeria is going to the dogs!

Ugly, Ugly and Ugly again...

chinny,  3:21 pm  

omg what the heck is this!!!!

very very nasty

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