Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Hives of activity

Dead busy this week. We have our IFEMIS (Integrated Financial and Economic Management Information System) Stakeholder Conference tomorrow, with bigwigs and press in attendance. The key thing I'm doing here in Ng is being the technical coordinator for the Federal Govt's Phase 1 Management Information System. If we get it right, we'll play our little role in making corruption that bit more difficult in naija. Eight months of hard work has rolled into a big ball and is bouncing down the hill. Exciting stuff.

Meanwhile, I have my Skype headset now and am playing my little part in destroying the telcoms industry as we know it. The UK is not quite so far away anymore..

Meanwhile #2, I had a great night's metaphysical conversation with my big buddha mate Tunji last night. I realised that I'm fundamentally into discontinuity and suspicious of the ontological status of narrative/story. I've been reading quite a few biogs and autobiogs recently, as well as writing my own memory-based discontinuous 'biog'. Ultimately, I think a linear model of time is contrived; a fiction. The thing is to realise that discontinuity/the time of the event/the haecceity (term buried within scholastic philosophy but worthy dusting off) is NOT prescribing to neo-atomism (every experience is separate, individual). Instead, haiku-discontinuity (uncovering the depth of the spatio-temporal event) reveals interconnectivity (or relationality) as its fundamental structure. Leibniz called this elemental relationality the Monad; Deleuze called it the Event. All very abstract terms for what is in fact the most concrete/primordial form of experience. The trick will be to write about this stuff without it sounding like gobbledygook.


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