Thursday, December 10, 2009

The publishers

The publishers, originally uploaded by nobodaddy69.

Taken yesterday by Mr Cole.


Ozoemena,  11:11 am  

Badoski! Its a too much something

Anonymous,  11:36 am  

Very nice!!!

Anonymous,  11:59 am  

HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!

Anonymous,  3:16 pm  

You guys look really cool. Jeremy looks like a fashion designer or record producer or something like that. And he looks younger than he really is (I read on this blog that you're 40_ - you look younger than that o!

Anonymous,  4:31 pm  



Mogaji 4:59 pm  

Ahn Ahn. Mr Weate, enough efizzy.

/\Alligator Legs/\ 9:18 pm  

I agree with Anonymous #3. You guys are too cool. :) Love the architecture and color of the shot, too.

Anonymous,  5:19 pm  

something about Jeremy reminds me of George Michael; maybe its the reflector bones....

Anonymous,  5:20 pm  

....and the designer stubble

Anonymous,  8:23 pm  

Sunglasses inside! Very Eurotrash. Abi you get apollo? Nice pic.

Saymama 9:24 pm  

Looove it!

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