Thursday, August 19, 2010

Around Nigeria in 20 days

Not quite sure who is behind this, but it looks adventurous!


Anonymous,  10:05 pm  

Very interesting. Would love to do this, but under very heavy security which robs you of the fun.

Aramide 10:59 pm  

I met him. His name is Ed Ubong - a very adventurous man :)

Anonymous,  7:38 am  

Looks interesting, even if it really takes 36 days (and I guess it might take even longer).

I wish Nigeria was really a place where tourists would like to go (sigh!)

Somebody,  3:42 pm  

I did a quarter of the country in about fifteen days in July. Very empowering.

Rosemary 3:21 pm  

Thanks for posting this.

His name's Ed Ubong and he completed the tour in 20 days in 2009.

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