Sunday, August 15, 2010

On thinking the African Event...

An interesting proposition by Ainehi Edoro on a possible line of flight from the continuity/discontinuity and authenticity/inauthenticity poles in rethinking African history/futures/contemporainety. Here.


Anonymous,  9:56 am  

Jeremy, that the article is written in English says it all... nwon ti ko wa pe eede ati aasa ibile yoruba ko daa to ti awon oyinbo lati idale....we've been indocrinated by our own people that our language, customs and native religion (e.g. Yoruba cosmology) are backward, primitive, anti-christ, etc, which is why there is no pride, and in fact there is a combination of shame and reluctance to be seen to express ourselves the way we should. On the contrary we are struggling to understand and use English. Our understanding of English is superficial as we do not and cannot live the language. It is alien to us, yet we continue to attempt to grapple with it, whilst in the meantime, we lose a deeper understanding of our indegenous language and culture both of which are inextricably linked. Witness the new trend amongst young Yoruba giving their children exotic sounding yoruba names that they do not fully understand, yet they abhor certain aspects of yoruba culture because it appears at odds with their new found pentecostal religion. Confused? Indeed, we all are! Final word, have you noticed how ministers, legislators, etc, cannot express themselves with clarity and use a limited vocabulary combined with literal translation from the various languages, it would be funny, if it were not pathetic. In the meantime, back to Yoruba reading and writing lessons for me.

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