Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NLNG Hall of Fame

There are some knowns and some unknowns on the list. I wonder what being in the Hall of Fame actually consists of. Is NLNG going to build a museum somewhere with exhibits on those selected - or is it just the usual "Gala night" affair?

I'm happy that both Fela and Ladi Kwali are included. Ladi Kwali is revered more outside of Nigeria than in. I guess you could say the same about Fela too. However, with this first step towards legitimation, I wonder if a statue of Fela in Ikeja may become more feasible now. It would become a tourist attraction pretty quickly..


Anonymous,  4:04 am  

Fela does deserve a statue, for sure.

Anonymous,  2:45 pm  


Na lie o! Fela is most certainly NOT revered more outside Nigeria than inside. Dude is a virtual god here.

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