Monday, August 02, 2010

Police Advert

The ten requirements for Category B section g are interesting (click to enlarge).


CodLiverOil 12:25 pm  

Such strict criteria for lousy working conditions, low pay with the added risk of being gunned down by armed robbers.

What’s the deal with glasses, doesn’t Onovo wear glasses? Why don’t they sack him then?

Was this the form that Tafa Balogun used to apply he wanted to join the police? Later he was caught red handed misappropriating millions of dollars.

This seems like a bad joke, it would be funny if it weren’t serious.

Frank 5:18 pm  

I hate when police can't masticate.

Myne Whitman 8:07 pm  

No knock news or bow legs, how does that affect the job? Chest measurements and all. I'm sure this is still from pre-colonial recruitment requirements. Messed up!

Anonymous,  8:33 pm  

@ Frank
I agree with you, the policemen I hate more than the ones who stop people for no reason are those with bad teeth who can't masticate.

Phew!!!!!! This must be a sick joke!!

laidespecial 10:35 pm  

Is this real! Forgive my disconnection with Naija,where the impossibilities are the possibilities. Somehow, I wrongly suppose naija should have moved beyond this. It is really unorthodox!

ZeL 10:55 pm  

The police force needs an urgent reformation. Instead of directing their guns at the criminals, all the seem to be making news for is killing innocent citizens.

Formerly stealth reader 1:06 am  

chest measurements??? the man who came up with that probably saw superman movies as a kid! and therefore made it his life goal to raise a force of broad chested men!!

Anonymous,  9:21 am  

An interesting aspect is that the recruitment release is signed by Dr. Otive Igbuzor, who is HUGE within the NGO community in Abuja (country director of ActionAid International; former Co-ordinator of Centre for Democracy and Development; Secretary of Citizens’ Forum for Constitutional Reform, etc) and who would have expected to be making comments similar to those on this thread if he was not involved -- which proves yet again, that most Nigerians sound (or appear) smarter out of govt, but seem to lose or leave behind their brain cells in govt offices.

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