Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Yoruba Institute in Brasil....

The holders of the culture, thousands of miles from home.  Perhaps one day, the culture will return home and find less ambivalence and confusion..


Anonymous,  1:15 pm  

What confusion?
Who is confused?

CodLiverOil 3:09 pm  

I think that’s pretty cool. How many African people’s (countries even), have such an institute in a great nation like Brazil?

(We heard of the Goethe Institute (Germany) , the Gulbenkian Institute (Portugal) ). Let’s hope they do a good job, so that the institute is viewed as a prestigious venue (a jewel even), and those Brazilians that express an interest are not disappointed by what they discover, but would instead want to return repeatedly.

Anonymous,  11:26 pm  

Excellent site. Absolutely excellent.

Anonymous,  2:15 pm  

@anon 1.15pm confusion and ambivilance from alienated nigerians

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