Friday, October 29, 2010

Akin Akintayo - an Englishman in Amsterdam

It was my pleasure to meet Akin Akintayo yesterday on my trip to Amsterdam.


Alexis 4:49 pm  

On the train from Schipol? I was just in Amsterdam this pasy July and loved it. I miss the accessability of being in Europe! Have a great time!

Myne Whitman 9:53 pm  

have a nice trip Jeremy. Akin looks like the proper Englishman with a stick and all, :)

CodLiverOil 3:42 pm  

je visite son blog souvent, c'est très bien et drôle.

Anonymous,  6:23 pm  

My father looks more English altho he was born and bred in the creeks of the naija delta. It has to do with the hat, walking stick and smoking pipe - how kool is dat, lol!

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