Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Missing the one who carried Death in his Pouch

After the Book Party at CCA Lagos on Saturday, the Brazilian film crew following Carlos' trip filmed a conversation between Carlos and Tunji Lardner.  Tunji's father owned and ran the Afro-Spot club in Lagos where Fela used to rehearse.  Femi Kuti and Tunji used to hang out together as Femi's dad practised away downstairs.  The Afro-Spot features briefly in the film Ginger Baker in Africa - it was the maverick drummer's first port of call on turning up in Lagos after a torturous drive through the Sahara in a Range Rover.  Tunji remembers the episode well.

The conversation was profoundly moving.  Although Fela was present in the gathering, having been called down by the searing Ewi singing, his absence was just as keenly felt.


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