Thursday, October 07, 2010

Where Kenya leads, Nigeria must follow

The story of the 1,000 Kenya teachers sacked for sexually abusing minors is disturbing yet welcome news. No one looking in on the development from Nigeria can deny the issue is just as prevalent here and needs to be addressed urgently.  This would require a joined-up effort between the State Ministries of Education and the police, using the Child Rights Law where it has been implemented.  Kenya has given children suffering in silence hope.  The Nigerian directive should of course be extended to tertiary level, where sexual abuse (for accommodation as well as for grades) seems at times to be the norm rather than the exception.  Teachers who are found guilty should be prosecuted, and banned from teaching for life.  Its time to say no more, and thank Kenya for taking the lead.


Anonymous,  10:47 pm  

Its about time we started prosecuting all those useless sexual predators that masquerade as professors in our universities.

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