Thursday, October 07, 2010

Louis Theroux with KAI in Lagos

Ooooh - I really want to watch this.  It should be hilarious.  If you are in the UK, you can also watch the trailer here.

As usual, legal restrictions on the iPlayer mean no one except viewers in the UK will be able to watch the show.   The BBC's licensing structure is increasingly belonging to the wrong century.


rosemary,  11:26 am  

Like your '...with KAI' angle as opposed to '...with Area Boys'.

BBC Licencing regulations won't be changing anytime soon. Even serving British officers are required to buy an additional TV licence when in the barracks as they are not covered by their existing licences at home.

Ironically, BBC Click recently produced a programme on this issue and detailed the use of VPN's to bypass iPlayer firewalls but then weeks later produced a rejoinder stating that it was illegal!

It is possible that in the future, in addition to the TV licence, we may be required to buy an online one.

Emailed you YouTube links to Funmi Iyanda and John Smith BBC docs.

Anonymous,  12:30 pm  

The only reason the BBC is still operating under 'Victorian' licensing rules is because their precious licence fees would be lost in the event of free access to online material. Who in the UK would bother buying a TV, then?

Aunty is in a fix as to what to do:

Allow wider access to material with a small flat fee irrespective of mode of access or where you are in the world (Uk residents would breathe a sigh of relief)

Better still, introduce and use advertising revenue like any other progressive and right thinking media outlet in the world

Continue to bully UK residents into paying a ridiculous, unjust and unresonable tax AND
pretend the rest of the world does not exist.

I think the last option is also known as cutting your nose to spite your face.

joicee 1:10 pm  

This guy is good, I would like to see this. Abeg make better person post it on youtube later on.

Anonymous,  7:00 pm  

Interesting. Thanks for flagging this. I will make an effort to watch and comment. I know his papa, Paul, spent time in Nigeria in 60's, in Ibadan and was an acquaintance of Okigbo and that crowd. It might have been even more worthwhile programme if it was Theroux, Papa and son.


Anonymous,  11:22 pm  

post it on youtube so that those of us who don't live in the U.K can see it.

Anonymous,  3:19 am  

This is a great episode, Louis looks very nervous at times which is rare to see.

No Ads is THE best thing about the BBC, don't change, some of us like it the way it is. How many times does the car phone warehouse really need to tell me about their products...

Dapxin 3:48 pm  

downloaded it.

hopefully will be bored enuff to see it sometime.

Anonymous,  10:58 pm  

I enjoyed it.

Louis' technique is to appear slightly dim, a perenial JJC, and to ask ingenuous questions in a witless way. This disarms people and makes them more revealing than they would normally care to be. It makes for intimate, engaged, enjoyable TV

Louis follows a local treasurer of the tranport workers union and his articulate fixer. Then investigates local area boys, actions taken against 'illegal structures' and local politics.

Often, Louis looked overwhelmed. His JJC, innocent at large approach suddenly becoming more and more real.


Anonymous,  9:33 am  

What happened to his face.....'accident'....I like!!!

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