Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Diego Maradona's come-back as manager of Argentina at the recent World Cup was the opportunity for a new generation of football fans to see the enigmatic Argentine in full view.  Always in a shiny suit, he would prance histrionically around at the edge of the pitch as if about to explode.  His team at one point looked the unstoppable tournament victors, until a heavy dose Teutonic logic flattened them.  He was also irresistible at the post-match press conferences, inviting the assembled world sporting to press to suck it and see..

Still, Maradona came out looking good - it seemed that the dark days of drug abuse and weight gain were behind him.  Argentina ultimately left their mark on the finals. A new contract was issued... and then retracted.  Who knows what will happen to him now?  England fans will never forgive those cunning hands, all the same.  Someone who has for so long dominated his country and appeared to be part of the landscape itself exits stage left.  How the mighty are fallen.


Anonymous,  9:05 am  

Sounds like our very own IBB!

CodLiverOil 3:37 pm  

I thought your sport was cricket, now you are having a dig (humorous no doubt) at Maradona’s expense. But, on a more serious note, nobody’s life is plain sailing, he like everyone else has had his “up’s and downs” (his have been more documented than most). I wouldn’t be so quick to write him off yet. Whatever his epitaph will be, he’s had a huge impact on his country and world football at large.

Jeremy 7:07 pm  

Is there no hope for allegory in Nigeria? Groan.

CodLiverOil 2:38 am  

Hey Jeremy, I didn't know you were being allegorical. There was no reference to Nigeria in that post, so I assumed you were merely talking about Diego. (I thought you were letting your thoughts wander, and commenting to whatever took your fancy)


Straight talking is more my thing. Less intellectual but more easy to grasp.

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