Saturday, May 07, 2011

Father Kukah at the Royal Africa Society

Next Friday at SOAS.  Don't miss it - Matthew Kukah's account of his time on the Oputa panel.


Chike,  4:25 pm  

Father Kukah is better off talking to young minds at ABU, UNN or Unilag. His audience at SOAS will mainly be people with little practical commitment to the future of Nigeria.

There are so many conferences and symposia dedicated to Nigeria that cut off the most dynamic and most important stakeholders in the future of the Nigerian state - young Nigerians resident in Nigeria.

We have resolutely refused to educate or inform our youth - and we will live to regret it. I know there is a stampede of Nigerian intellectuals going to the West to educate Western youth about Nigeria. However, the most important lessons will be lost on our youth.

This is tragic.

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