Friday, July 15, 2011

The first Bottle House in Nigeria

The first bottle house is under construction near Kaduna.  Bottle-bricks made by local children are then assembled in to buildings by masons who are being trained in the bottle-build technique. The houses will be energy autonomous and almost totally recycled and could stand for 1000s of years!
The Emir of Zaria came to the site to lend his support.  The next project is a bottle school in Suleja.  Thanks to Katrin Macmillan for the pictures!


Schools Out...Life starts! 2:06 pm  

Pretty intriging stuff

sola kuti 2:22 pm  

wow! just seeing this. built by kids...almost 100% recycled? Will like to follow this up :)

ossynotes 5:12 pm  

Amazing, will love to see that house when they are done

Myne Whitman 8:15 pm  

Really interesting challenge..

Folake,  9:02 pm  

Looks good but what about heat?

dayor 10:18 pm  

woohoo! this is so interesting

coolant 10:11 am  

i love this

Chike,  7:53 am  

Sorry to sound sceptical. I don't think the construction is either environmentally friendly or sustainable.

I notice a very heavy use of plastics and plastics are extremely flammable and when they burn they tend to emit poisonous vapours.

Anonymous,  5:00 am  

omo, he be like say this people no get work.

ugo3niti 3:40 pm  

It is a great development. Sustainable living is the new world order. check for more on the plastic bottle house and info on Nigeria's quest to go green

Yahaya Ahmed 9:51 pm  

To Chick and all those who might sound sceptical about this plastic house; the house is very solid,stronger than a concrete block house, very sustainable and environmentally friendly. In the case of fire, you'll be suprised to find out that,the sand filled bottles even resist flames more than conventional building materials. Seeing they say is believing. To cast away all your doubts, taka a day off and come to Kaduna to see the wonder of the first plastic bottle house in Africa. Similar house had withstood a strong earthquake of 7.3 on the richter scale in Honduras, when other rigid concrete structures had collapsed burying people under them. Contact me if u want: [email protected]

Anonymous,  1:25 pm  

Thank God for Creativity of human kind

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