Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On the Fuel Subsidy

This clip hits the nail on the head: without developing refinery capacity, removing the fuel subsidy is a disastrous idea.  The stats 3 minutes 39 seconds in give the game away.


Anonymous,  3:58 pm  

yes but its chicken and egg. how can you develop the refineries without more cash? and how do you get that cash without removing the subsidy?

Muse Origins 9:52 pm  

Without putting the right environment in place, this subsidy removal IS a bad idea. SMH


Jovie Onyema 8:17 pm  

i think they'll raise more money if they reduce what they spend on unnecessary travels and security votes and allowances and stuff like that. naija must succeed sha...

Anonymous,  7:21 pm  

the stats are blatantly WRONT.. the refineries at full capacity cannot provide that amount of petrol..the 445000barrels capacity is TOTAL capacity. there are other petroleum products in every barrel of crude (Diesel, Kerosene,LPFO,HPFO,etc)

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