Friday, April 27, 2012

National Symposium on the Findings of the House Committee on Fuel Subsidy by N-Katalyst

Like most Nigerians, N-Katalyst, a non partisan network of individuals across different sectors who have deep commitment to the promotion of Nigerian unity and progressive change are shocked at the revelations from the House Committee on Fuel Subsidy. We have evidence before us of the most monumental mega corruption on our nation’s history. Nigerians must rise and stop this massive looting of our resources and punish the culprits. N-Katalysts invites citizens, the international community and the media to a symposium to address the issues and map out a plan of action on the imperative of accountability.

Chair:                         Maryam Uwais
Speakers:                 Dr Otive Igbuzor – Review of report
                                    Dr Chidi Odinkalu - Corruption and the Human Rights of
                                    Dr Hussaini Abdu – Civil Society Engagement
                                    Yemi Candide-Johnson SAN – What Anti-Corruption
 Agencies Must Do
                                    Clement Nwankwo – What the Legislature Must Do
                                    Bashir Ibrahim – Urgent Imperatives on the Executive

Date: Monday, 30th April 2012
Time: 10 a.m.
Venue: Gombe Jewel Hotel, opposite Dennis Hotel, Wuse 2, Abuja

Dr Jibrin Ibrahim                                          Dr Otive Igbuzor
Saudatu Mahdi                                            Bilkisu Yusuf
Ayisha Osori                                                 Prof Ebere Onwudiwe
Yemi Candide-Johnson                             Ayo Obe
Saka Azimazi                                                Clement Nwankwo
Bashir Yusuf Ibrahim                                  Innocent Chukwuma
Chris Kwaja                                                  Hassan Hussaini
Dr A. S. Mohammed                                    Nsongurua Udombana
Asma’u Joda                                                 Nsirimovu Anyakwee
Dr Kabir az Zubair                                       Martin Obono
Dr Hussaini Abdu                                        Aisha Oyebode
Hubert Shaiyan                                            Dr Arabo Ibrahim Bayo


Kingely 3:10 pm  

Looks like they might as well share some money there. Actuallf fuel subsidy removal needs to come into play again,I mean 100%v removal, its gonna help develop other sectors of this country, if you believe me.

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