Friday, October 29, 2004

Good things about Nigeria #1

Nigeria gets such bad press in the world and its unfair. There are just as many bad things per capita elsewhere as here, so its time a non-Nigerian stuck up the for the place. I'm going to create a constantly growing list of good things in Nigeria, starting with:

The Nigerian Potato

No one told me about the Nigerian potato before we left, so it was a very pleasant surprise moving here to find that the Nigerian potato is extremely tasty. We suffer in the UK with all those nasty transgenomic supermarket spuds. The Nigerian potato is mostly a 'new' potato type. They rarely get big enough to think of baking them (but who wants baked potatoes when its 38degrees outside?) Think of the loveliest organic potato in the UK, then imagine this: the Nigerian potato is more succulent and flavoursome still.

Long live the Nigerian potato!


edundayo 5:14 pm  

Hmm! I'm very sure you'll already have had more than just our potatoes now, since this was way back then. Don't mind me jo!

Hey, you blog, your contents, it's amazing.

Great Work!

okemini otum 10:49 am  

i love ur bolg..hw did u bulid it

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