Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Been back in the UK for over a week. It makes me think of Heidegger's concept of Sorge (care) being back - there is a layer of general care here that doesnt exist in Nigeria - care for the other. Even though the news is of rising homophobic attacks and train crashes, it is the response to these events that is interesting: so much earnest attention on prevention. In Nigeria, if a bus load of people die in a crash, no one ever knows their names, let alone think about how to avoid it happening again. It is an Act of God or force majeur that cannot be interpollated.

Going back to London is both lovely and difficult: so many people to see, so many things to buy. Trouble is, I've been sick for a week with a stomach virus. I managed to see a bit of Cambridge on a trip with my dad (glimpsing but not having time to go to that treasure house of stolen culture, the Fitzwilliam Museum), and a bit of the fabulous new Selfridges designed by Future Systems in Birmingham, but most of the time I was laid low by pains in my stomach and light-headedness. My holiday has so far been an experience of fragility of being, hanging by a thread while close to fainting with the world drifting away


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