Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The meaning of 'home'

Back in Nigeria, and back home after a couple of weeks on holiday in the UK. Home is becoming an increasingly relativised concept however – it is no longer a specific place, but more like a collage of zones and moments that come together in my thought-body rather than inhere in the world. Home is the intense green light of the trees as it was refracted by the autumn sun in Cambridge last week. Home is the sound of my mother laughing and the creak of the floorboards at my folks’ house. Home is sitting in Mildred’s restaurant in Soho, sinking my teeth into a veggie burger. Home is sitting in the Renoir cinema with a snack, just before the arthouse film starts. Home is the endless fussy details of Radio 4, UK tv adverts (going through a golden age at the moment). But as we left Abuja airport and drove into an intensely beautiful sunrise over the hills, with mist shrouding the landscape here and about, home is also becoming constellated within Nigeria.


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