Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Do they know its Christmas?

Sometimes you fool yourself into thinking that in the age of the Internet, Gigabyte hard-drives, blogs and mobile telephony the world has moved on and there is a general increase in knowledge and awareness in the world. Then along comes Bob Geldof once again to prove the contrary..

I am a Buddhist and strive to attain a karmic state of peace and non-violence. However, Geldof, along with Sting, are two people who I really would love to punch repeatedly in the face until they look like a pile of beetroots overtrodden by Arsenal's global fan base. Never has such a self-righteous git graced the interfaces of global media, with such a pea-brained perspective on the universe. I guess one can only expect so much from a failed pop star (famous for a song called I Dont Like Mondays), but to repeat the patronising and utterly asinine lyrics of Band Aid's Feed the World ('do they know its Christmas?') for the ethnically cleansed Darfurians (African muslims the lot) is beyond cretinous.

Is it only me who thinks that Geldof should shut the fuck up?


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