Thursday, February 24, 2005

Ridiculous, subliminal

More gossip and rumours about the conference and background moves add to the sense of depression. Some of what is coming out is scandalous - or would be anywhere else. Its too dodgy to mention any of it here. Nigeria could be one of the richest countries in the world, but the old men dont want it that way..

To keep myself from the funk I think about some of our most recent compound 'gist' - we hear from our cook (who hears from the gate men) that the white people across the road have a dog with its own tv. It was the dog's birthday earlier this week so they sent one of their staff out with 5000 naira to buy the dog a ball as birthday present. The person spent 200 naira on a plastic ball and returned them the 4800 change. They shouted at him, took the plastic ball and the money then went out and bought him a 'proper' leather football. What Nigerians must think of Westerners I don't know. A dog with its own tv!!

Then there is the story of our ex-driver Godspower (we sacked him this week). Its not really a funny story (he stole 40,000 naira from us) however so I wont go into it.

Meanwhile, the Minister for the Federal Capital Territory has in his wisdom ordered the bulldozering of the two main markets in Abuja. Now no one knows quite where to shop. He wants to clear the city of poor people (there is also a plan to ban motorbike taxis).

Off to Lagos this weekend to teach a course on effective journalism to a local newspaper and to take more shots for our new - - an online everything you need to know if you're visiting or living in lagos online guide. The full site will be launching in the next couple of weeks (exciting).


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