Thursday, March 03, 2005

Another naija story

Someone I know was approached and offered 750,000 naira per job to sink boreholes somewhere in the desert in the north-east of the country - to provide access to water. The person with the contract would be getting paid 2,000,000 naira per borehole (ie pocketing 1,250,000 naira for themselves). As boreholes in the desert need to be sunk at least 200 metres deep to get to the water table, even 2,000,000 naira is not quite enough to do the job properly. My friend accordingly refused the job.

What will most probably happen is that the boreholes will be dug, but not anywhere deep enough to ever reach water. The contractor will have fulfilled his mission and taken the money. Those dwelling in the desert will be no nearer to drinking water.


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