Friday, June 24, 2005

Disunited Kingdom

Been in blighty since the end of May - managed to squeeze in a week in Barcelona, a blissful week at my folks in Staffs and a trip to Hull to see old friends and bask in Alma Mater nostalgia as well as quite a bit of metro-kultya in the Smoke: Sembene's latest film Moolaade (about Female Genital Mutilation), The Consequences of Love (classy Italian number) and Thirteen Conversations about One Thing (US Indie thing). All that and another bout of Gastroenteritis which has left me wheat-intolerant (ironic given me surname). Be glad to be getting back to naija on Sat to get on with things and stretch out on our huge bed.

Anyroad, loads of photos to upload when I'm back in the tropics, plus more stuff on UK experiences (including another tirade against Saint Geldof and the whole Make Poverty History garden tea-party with cucumber sandwhiches guff that's going on here at the moment. Reality check: the UK has just increased its Arms sales to Nigeria tenfold).

The immediate problem: how to get the masses of books, cds and stuff we've bought into suitcases that will clear thru BA's luggage allowance limits..


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