Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More hinglish

Watching Sky News this morning: an interview btw the talking head and Brit author Tim Lott on his new novel about the perils of CCTV surveillance society. Lott used the words 'atavistic' and 'panopticon', then the presenter used the word 'nefarious'. I had to scratch my ears that Murdoch-ville could get so hi-falutin..

Meanwhile, I have a new tecchy-toy to play with: an HP Ipaq 6340 pda phone: all a consultant needs in life (apart from a Tablet praps). Already downloaded a nifty chess game (which pinions/mates me everytime). I downloaded a dictionary a couple of days ago, which I'm pleased to report has some of my favourite words in: hex, sybarite, ataraxic, canker, haecceity, meretricious, susurrous etc.

Meanwhile #2, I'm trying to tidy up multifarious (that one's also in) loose strands in the Ministry before buggering off to the UK for three weeks of sanity (or perhaps simply a different form of insanity).


Tom Kerswill 5:52 pm  

Hi Jeremy,
Aha! I have stumbled on your blog! Really looking forward to reading more... just off to enjoy the sun now, and hopefully go for a swim at a nearby beach,
Hope everything's going well and that you're having a good time in England! Talk to you soon

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