Monday, September 05, 2005

Otitis Media

Have been suffering from an ear infection for the past week which web research tells me is Otitis Media - my Eustachian tubes are bunged up (didnt know I had any until today). Found out that the local remedy is Shea butter mixed with some kind of snake oil (don't laugh). My colleague Emmanuel has procured me a pot. After a week of tinitus I'm desperate.

The continued health problems B and I have experienced is getting me down. This year alone Ive had gastro enteritis, malaria, flu and now Otitis Media. And this even though I dont eat meat, do lots of yoga, drink lots of water and eat good food. I'm so cheesed off I'm thinking we need a plan B country.

Meanwhile, my parents continue with their world tour. After 5 nights of a 'Blue Lagoon' tour in Fiji they are on their way to New Zealand tomorrow. S'alright for some..


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