Thursday, September 01, 2005

Third world America

Is it me or is it hard not to watch the terrible spectacle of New Orleans post-Katrina and not speculate that in 20 years time, North America could be reduced to second or third world status. Hearing overfed Southerners yawling at their plight without a non-capitalist resourceful bone in their body was quite an iconoclastic image. How the mighty may fall. As the oil economy slowly sputters out and the centre of geo-political gravity on the planet lurches eastwards, its hard to see how America (and for that matter Europe) are going to stay in the picture. Deprived of any kind of manufacturing base as well as an inability to compete on Intellectual Property production, the future domineering military industrial complex will surely be Chinese.

This plausible future must surely reflect negatively on Jewish plans for Israel. Without financial support from the States and with over half a century of living in the world's largest refugee camp, the Palestinians will surely boot the Jews out.


Alessandro 8:52 am  

The only way Europe and Russia will avoid not bein gtaken over by China, India and eventually Africa too is by not pissing them off (look at the trade tariffs they have imposed on China exports. Free trade for all? Hah!) and perhaps creating some sort of alliance. Heck, Russia and China are already getting friendlyy.You want nukes? We got nukes! Good thoughts as well in a good blog.

Alessandro Tansini

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