Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Dead whale on Bar Beach


Anonymous,  8:28 pm  


Olu,  11:08 pm  

when was this taken ? I remember a whale also beached on Lag back in '01.

CodLiverOil 12:49 am  

In New Zealand and Australia, they send crews to try and save stranded whales (sometimes they are successful). Failing that euthanasia is carried out, the dead whales are not left to rot and provide a site for infection, quite a contrast to that of Nigeria.

Anon Amos :),  11:19 am  

That looked nasty. Is it safe

@#!~@ 1:22 pm  

yes olu i remember that as well are u sure its not the same incident or is bar beach just that 'lucky'??

Dee O. 4:31 pm  

This is so sad :( That whale has probably started decomposing already...not good.


ShadeNonconformist 12:18 am  

The reaction of the woman in the background says it all...

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife 2:53 am  

Is it healthy?....i mean, what killed the whale in the first place?

temiville 12:00 pm  

Heavenly father, please save my country from abject poverty. To think that people are going to eat that is worrying. Even the other lady had to cover her nose from the stench that the whale must have been giving off. Eeeeew!


Anonymous1,  6:27 pm  

Whales should taste like meat since sharks do... This whale is decomposed so it is unsafe to eat it, unless at your own risk. I think 'poverty' is at play here. On YouTube, it was obvious that it was smelling...

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