Friday, April 29, 2011

On Black Sisters Street in Amrika

'“On Black Sisters Street” marks the arrival of a latter-day Thackeray, an Afro-Belgian writer who probes with passion, grace and comic verve the underbelly of our globalized new world economy.'  Great review of Chika Unigwe's book in the New York Times.  Here.


disgodkidd 1:07 pm  

can cassava republic help us bring black sisters street to naija? pweety please?

Mcjameh Money Transfer 7:02 pm  

Interesting read, if a microscope was used to observe the diaspora of Africans it too would convey both what is miraculous about the western world to foreign eyes and what is awful-in the way people live and die alone, unmourned, without the sustenance of family and neighbors.

That is why those immigrants who send money home to family members are not just putting cash in purses, but keeping a connection with family that money cannot provide. Family members will remember you always-which is very important when one is working every shift available in the USA OR EUROPE.

Also another great point is that there will be some Africans who will choose not to return home and build something in their land. However for those who do as the characters Joyce and Ama chose to do-by prefering to build their businesses back home. Will ultimately get healing from all they suffered in their diaspora experience.

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