Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stephen Hendel: ITT

Stephen Hendel is a New-York based oil trader.  He is also the main promoter/producer behind the Broadway-version of the Fela Musical currently showing in Lagos.  He is being sued by Carlos Moore, author of the authorised biography of Fela, Fela: This Bitch of a Life, published in Nigeria by Cassava Republic.  

For more background on the case, read here.  

With all his oil money and corporate leverage, its hard to imagine he is going to be able to successfully defend his claim that the musical was a work of independent inspiration.  You can fool some people some times, but you can't fool all the people all the time.  At some point in the near future, Jay-Z, Jada Pinkett Smith and Bill T. Jones may have to eat humble pie and realise that they tried to write another black man out of history, and failed.


Mervin,  11:10 pm  

You never leave a doubt as to which side you are supporting.

Adura Ojo (aka Naijalines) 9:56 am  

Lol @ Mervin. this is still very much on. It would be interesting to see the outcome - if only for the message: credit must be given where credit is due.

Anonymous,  5:33 pm  

ahem, jeremy, you need to give some credit to bob marley for one of the sentences in that second paragraph...

Nkem,  8:06 am  

Brian, I also love that Bob Marley song, it's one of the best lyrics in the history of popular music:

For more background on the case, read here.

The emotion with which he sings it, epic man.

Myne Whitman 1:11 am  

Nkem, you're hilarious!


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