Saturday, September 03, 2011

Burma Boy

Barnaby Phillips' documentary on the Burma Boys - Nigerian vets who fought in the Second World War for the Allied Forces.  Well worth a watch, here.


authorsoundsbetterthanwriter 8:18 pm  

aw thanks for putting this up. Really excellent documentary. Very persistent narrator.

Anonymous,  8:06 pm  

Jeremy, youve maintained this excellent blog. I visit at least twice or thrice a week to catch up on events, even though one doesnt always feel obliged to eleave any comments. You are amazing.

Myne Whitman 10:23 pm  

Was Burma Boy by Biyi Bandele ever published internationally?

Anonymous,  11:18 am  

Jeremy,thanks for this post. It was a great documentary that Aljazera news did. So many Nigerians missed it.
Keep up the great work.

Anonymous,  5:09 pm  

My husband and I watched this intriguing documentary, thanks for sharing

Anonymous,  2:11 pm  

Really touching documentary...I cried

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