Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kano leather, Aba shoes

In Aba, they make Italian-style shoes from Kano leather which are labelled "Made in Italy". No one would buy them if they said "Made in Nigeria", although everyone knows they are made locally. Nigerians don't trust products made in Nigeria and prefer to pretend they were made elsewhere. How can this attitude be turned around?


Anonymous,  5:08 pm  

funny enough. nigerians are happy to have certain 'made in naija' items. e.g food. nothing beats home cooked food lol. in terms of fashion though, attitudes are changing. people will cut off their toe for an ituen basi now. when before they would only do so for Gucci

Myne Whitman 12:05 am  

Good question.

Anonymous,  12:51 pm  

When I was nearing my teen years, I remember there was a shoemaker near the railway line if Ifo ogun state. He was an Hausa man who made very stylish-looking Sandals/Slippers, then stuck 'Made in Taiwan' labels on them. Even at that young age, I remember joking with my friends that he wouldn't sell any of his wares if the labels had said 'Made in Nigeria'.

That was many moon ago my friend, and that attitude hasn't changed.

I wonder if it ever will ?


kazey 10:14 am  

Case in point Ruff and Tumble. I think they are underestimating the Nigerian market.

Anonymous,  10:41 am  

this applies to the world over. americans pay money for italian leather products, but wouldn't do the same if the products stated it was made in wisconsin. besides aren't these italian goods made in india and china anyway?

Minsk 10:19 am  

To put it harshly, what you hint at is residual slave mentality. The solution is education. People need to be re-programmed, re-brainwahsed. Education. First and most powerful is to expose this slave mentality. If one will chose Milan over Aba or Kano one the basis of a label without regard to quality of the product, then such a one must be exposed as an ignorant and shallow slave. Teach social introspection. Encourage afrocentricity. Second. If Made in Aba can pass for Made in Milan, then the quality must be of a reasonable standard, so people need to be taught to take pride in our own work by emphasising the quality of materials and craftmanship involved in domestic production. Raise the appreciation of Aba and Kano and wherever else. People need to understand that we are just as good if not better in certain regards. Third. Made in Aba should surely be 'less costly' (for the ignorant would flinch at the word 'cheaper') than Milan - so you teach equal/better quality which is more affordable. On the plus side, if it's happening in furniture, music, and obviously catching on in fashion, then hopefully critical mass is not far off and the spread into all other facets of our existence can be anticipated and encouraged.

Anonymous,  1:25 am  

The way i see it, its more about quality and reputation than colonial mentality. This so called foreign brands have built a reputation over the years which local manufacturers have not done. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. Japanese car manufacturers did not build there reputation in one day, it took a while of sustained dominance to get to this stage. If local manufacturers can focus on quality, aesthetics and durability the customers would come. Let's not forget that customers are fickle and can be easily swayed.

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