Thursday, July 07, 2005

Al Qaeda strikes again..

Was hooked on the news from London a few minutes after the powerouts on the Tube were announced this morning. This time round, most of the online newspapers and wire agencies website servers managed to cope with the demand deluge (altho all the BBC's online radio stations have been down all day). When September the 11th happened, I was with people who had friends and family in the Twin Towers. Today its even closer to home - with many friends in London, there is the worry that one or some of them have got caught up in what took place. One feels the outrage of such inhuman acts - which will surely involve muslims as well as 'infidels' among the dead. But at another level, I feel pure anger: towards Blair for following Bush into Iraq - the catalyst for what has happened today. But then again, the moderates within Islam and the Arab nations have a lot to answer for, for allowing extremist organisations to fester/flourish in their midst. The biggest question of all: how can Islamic culture regain the spirit of intellectual enquiry that made it dominate research over a millenia ago in the school of Baghdad and Cordoba?


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