Thursday, July 14, 2005


The latest update of Itunes finally includes a Podcasting app. There's several hundred if not more free podcasts already available via the Podcasting part of Music Store (music, news, spiritual, philosophy etc).

For those that are new to pc, its a bit like subscribing to an online radio station. The big advantage over conventional online (or offline) radio is that instead of waiting for specific content (ie you're fav weekly show) to be on air, the latest version of the slot is automatically updated to your podcasting app.

Apart from Itunes, there are many other apps out there, quite a few of which also include RSS-feed (Really Simple Syndication) type content (ie as well as automated audio content downloading, you can also receive automatic updates via RSS syndication feeds). Click here for the BBC's friendly guide.

In other words, podcasting is one more nail in the coffee of static scheduling, whether for radio or tv.


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