Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So it was too good to last..

Something odd happened at the Ministry of Finance where I work early this week: all four lifts were working. Weirder still, all the fluorescent light panels had been replaced - so the building was ablaze with light. I am so used to waiting for 10 minutes for the one lift that usually works to idle its way back down to the Ground Floor, then to get into a cramped space stuffed full of civil servants going about their business (selling things to other civil servants) or carting small children around). I'm also used to people rushing into the lift before you have chance to get out when descending back down.

To my relief, this monumental show of efficiency and maintenance culture (not characteristics one associates with Nigeria) only lasted a couple of days. I'm glad to report that as of today, we are back to the one operational elevator..


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