Friday, August 05, 2005


After a few days feeling malarial, I got confirmation that falciparum parasites are swimming in my body. Now I'm floating in a fluffy world, thanks to 250mg of mefloquin and artemisinin. And an agbo steam bath this morning did its best to completely knock me out. Next time I'll try to completely avoid the whitemanpill route.

The good news is that Bibi's blood level has rocketed upwards. This is all thanks to drinking Ugwu every morning for the past few weeks. Ugwu is a magical spinachy drink which needs to be studied for its nutritional properties: it must be at least as beneficial as wheatgrass or spirulina (we're also taking them as well).

Meanwhile, work continues to frustrate. Getting Nigerians to turn up to important meetings (even when there's the promise of rice and chicken) is somewhat difficult. I'm blasting off official warnings to the sinning companies this morning. There is much to do in trying to transform organisational behaviour over here.

The frustrating thing about writing this blog is that there is so much gist which I cannot write about for fear of getting myself into trouble. It will all have to go into my offline diary for future publication I guess.

But amidst all the annoying laxity, there is excitement. Nigeria IS changing, and mostly for the good. There are a thousand shoots appearing which are signalling the transformation: the noise about police/navy brutality in the press in the past couple of weeks is just one amongst many signs. And it does seem that all the radical change agents are assembling...


Folabi Akinrogunde 9:40 am  

Sorry about your malaria.

Hope you’re back in top shape now.

Read your comments on Nigeria’s slow and tortuous path to reconstruction and I agree with a lot of what you said. The only problem I have is that of continuity. When this administration leaves office, what kind of government will take over? The present set of jokers who have publicly or obliquely shown interest in the nation’s top job do not give me any reason to be happy. I also feel that al lot of the other segments of the government, especially the various legislative houses and the local governments have been largely disappointing thus far and will need to buckle up.

Again, great blog, and do accept my condolences on the passing of Robin Cook – he was indeed a great man. Wish Nigeria had just two like him – we’d had moved much farther by now.

Cheers and bye.

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funke,  10:24 am  

'rice and chicken'...perhaps iyan and egusi would work better

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