Friday, August 26, 2005

On AIT this morning

They always have interesting debates on Kakaki (Africa Independent Television) in the mornings. Although a lot of the guests have too much God in their heads and not enough reason, the show is definitely trying to push the envelope for critical discourse here in Naija. This morning, they were talking about what to do about the recent spate of armed robbery attacks on Churches up and down the land. An evangelical pastor started talking about how the evangelical churches are too money-oriented with the dominant 'prosperity doctrine' discourse. For him, the combination of pastors owning fleets of luxury cars and private jets plus extraction of an absolute minimum 10% tithe is a recipe for class conflict. Needless to say, everyone else grew uncomfortable with the pastor's breaching of the reality-illusion gap and he wasnt given time to speak.

Whenever I watch the preachers over here spout meaningless babble which has no relationship to genuine christian values (neighbourly love, humility, compassion), it feels like Jesus has been buried under a huge steaming pile of bullshit. Jesus (if such a figure can be assumed to have existed) was a radical figure from a radical town (Galilee) who wanted the Romans out. The Romans killed him for his troubles. All the stuff about Judas' betrayal was invented by Paul a hundred years later, spinning a Roman-friendly line that spawned the anti-semitic virus that exists until today.

Jesus was not a wealthy man, nor did he ascribe to material wealth. So where exactly does Prosperity Doctrine get off?


trae_z 4:36 pm  

you right man. we Nigerians put too much of God in everything when infact we ain't that religious/holy. once we want success/good things we remeber God but when we're living it up we forget about God. it's evident everywhere. in politics, football, music, u name it. it's such a shame.

Book Me Down 7:31 am  

listen, my comment is on the impending food crisis and Agagu's suggested solution; ie importation of rice at the prohibitive cost of BILLIONS OF NAIRA. Is this the same Agagu that recently denied responsibility when confronted with failure at the Power ministry?
The same rotten lot and their hidden agenda. Imagine how many of them will profit from this embryonic plot...Heads of Service, Permanent Secretaries,Chairpersons of various House and Senate Committees; to name but a few. Would it not be more rewarding to channel this vast sum, for once, into avenues for increasing dramatically, the production of food at home, ie mechanised farming, grain storage, and improved methods of distribution of these products to our population. Mr GO-SLOW should wake up. 2020 20 is only 2development-plan cycles away...agbalagba

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