Thursday, August 25, 2005

More Nigerian blogs

There's a blog I just discovered by a student at the local university: TRAE. His account of student life is tragicomic:

"Having passed through secondary school with ease they think the university will be a piece of cake and that the same last minute preparations for exams/tests will help. In the long run it doesn’t. They neglect their studies and pursue chicks. They might be successful but most often this lays in store, the problem starts. They don’t read thus resort to cheating (during exams or exchanging money for marks) and do poorly in their exams. Dues to their extravagant life styles they’re often broke and into debts, stealing becomes the way out. For some it ends in jail or being shot. Some start doing and/or dealing in drugs. Some join cults or have problem with cult members. Some go down with STDs…pimping has its price. A lot end up never graduating or graduating with 3rd class degrees and fucking up their life for ever."

The youth in Nigeria have been discarded - a lost generation disenfranchised and alienated from society, while old men who fucked it up time and time again buzz around Power like flies around shit.

Another nice naija weblog is Naija Jamz - dedicated to upcoming Nigerian music.


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