Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The articulate politician

Incredibly enough, I listened to a wonderfully articulate speech by a member of the House of Reps yesterday evening. It is so rare in Nigeria to have all the thoughts that one has on a subject being verbalised: in this instance, on the plane crash. He wondered why tokunbo aircraft should being used in a country which is not used to maintenance; he wondered whether any heads would roll, or whether there would be any accountability; he wondered why people are praying about loss when hard questions should be being asked.

Of course, it being NTA, his name wasnt mentioned. But his speech gives hope that its not all just sycophants and powerplays in the lower chamber.

As people who grew up in Lagos in the 1960's and 1970's continually tell me, experiencing Nigeria now is to experience the country at its weakest moment.

Meanwhile, can you believe Bellview appear not to have halted any of their services after the crash. Only in Nigeria..

More thoughts to write down here but my health is not great at present..


the flying monkeys 7:04 pm  

I understand OBJ has ordered a review of the "safety of aircraft" operating on the dometic route.

What is the scope of this review? Would it include a review of the operators as well? Review of safety of aircraft is not ambitious or radical enough.

It could be extended to include a radical review of the operators and an increase in their capital base. I know this will not come easy as the price of air fares need to be reviewed upwards if Nigerians want quality service.

Kayode Odukoya’s Bellview (which started as a travel agency in Lagos in 1989 has shareholdings of under N2Billion. What can we expect in terms of service levels with this kind of figure (under N2 Billion)?

I think the capital should be reviewed upwards and our aircraft industry standards be harmonised with international standards. There is no other way. Perhaps this way, the US and its sisters may allow us entry into their airfields.

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