Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Just received a kind note from someone about this blog. It makes me think that there are perhaps huge numbers of Naijas out there who utterly reject the current kleptocracy ruling the roost in Naija and the yoruba-hausa-igbo tribal horseshit. The problem is that at the moment, we are much less than the sum of our parts. We are forced to be quiet and atomistically set apart from one another. We dont support and encourage each other enough. So how do we connect and start making some noise? How do we drown out the agbada-fucks or make them irrelevant?

Well first off, we dont have enough fora for meeting. What about a tranforming Nigeria website? Our project (and subsequent stuff you'll be hearing about) needs to connect with stuff that others set up, like rivulets and streams flowing into a huge river of change (pardon the flowery talk). The beautiful thing about Nigeria is that it's up to US to construct the conditions for change. We might not get to enjoy the benefits sometime soon, or even in our lifetime, but what better motivation can there be than doing something for the 'beautiful ones who are not yet born'?

And all the creative and beautiful Nigerians in the UK who want their country to change need to majorly get their shit together. You need to start thinking about what you can do to change the place. Maybe you can set up something in the UK that attracts funds and helps build capacity here. Or maybe you have an idea for change: well now's the time to test yourself out on implementation. Let me give you an example. There are large numbers of journalists here who want to push a progressive agenda in Nigeria, but they never went to journalism school and have to suffer crap equipment and ultra low pay. How about someone setting up a knowledge-transfer exchange? How about some of the oodles of CSR guilt money going into things that actually happen and effect change (rather than the mythical activity that Chevron and Shell get up to in the Delta).

Another Nigeria is possible. Bosah! Bosah! Bosah!


uknaija 2:06 pm  

Hey Jeremy, great blog... have visited several times

Is there really a lack of fora to meet? I don't think so. Check out sites like nigeriaworld and nigeriansinamerica, there's a lot of the articles and the discussion fora and responses to's transforming that talk into action and how best to do it that's the question....

And is the problem journalists not going to journalism school? Don't think so don't really need fancy education or technology to push the agenda....

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