Friday, October 28, 2005


Just found out that next week everyone's taking wed-fri off for Sallah - Christians and Muslims alike. How neighbourly! The good Christians of Abuja also support their Muslim brethren by taking off Friday afternoons for 'mosque'. What a noble sacrifice of one's working time. Givers never lack, as a thousand car stickers boldly proclaim. By the way, talking of car insignia, I saw a fish with "darwin" written inside on the back of a Beamer the other day. I stupidly got all excited: a bold atheist existeth in FCT I jubiliated. But then I realised it was probably on the tokunbo contraption before it left whatever American port, and the blockhead driver hadn't sussed the anti-creationist message.

Back to hols. I'm all for the relaxed life with a healthy work-life balance n all, but this news from nowhere does kinda mess with my projects, right when they have no time left to be messed with...

On the subject of holidays, why can't Nigeria celebrate some of its heroes? Why not have a Fela day or an Achebe day? And why not a day to remember those who died in the Civil War? Its time the collective amnesia at work in Nigeria was challenged with public affirmations like these.


trae_z 1:00 pm  

forgive my asking but are you atheist?

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