Friday, November 13, 2009

Funding on security transformation

Small Grants Initiative

We are looking for individuals who aim to stimulate creative thinking on the

subject of security as well as open spaces for new actors to engage with and

challenge existing approaches. The funds are open to young researchers and

policy activists under 35 years of age from developing countries who want to

make written contributions, undertake research, or launch policy initiatives

on subjects related to the Global Consortium on Security Transformation

(GCST) (click here for more information on the GCST’s main research topics

<> ).

The GCST requires that research proposals include some of the following


1. The need to observe the impact of public policies and/or

international cooperation on poor and excluded sectors of society.

2. The study of the perceptions and demands of poor sectors of society

on security.

3. The need to observe the impact of citizens’ participation in the

security realm.

Applications can be submitted in English or Spanish. You can apply via email

or postal mail. To apply, please send the following:

* The Application Form (download it here

<> )

* Curriculum Vitae (maximum length of four pages)

* Research plan in 1,500 words maximum that describes your broader

research project(s) as well as what you plan to do with this award

* Budget proposal

* Two reference letters*

*At least one reference letter must be submitted by a sponsoring institution

or university. Both letters must be sent by electronic or postal mail to the

GCST by the recommenders themselves, not by the applicants.

Preference will be given to comparative proposals that are regional in

nature and that are related to the themes of the GCST’s Working Groups. We

also prefer proposals from citizens who are from and currently researching

in the regions mentioned in their proposals.

Grant-winners will be awarded US$5,000 in order to carry out their research

projects. US$1,000 will be provided for field research and US$4,000 will be

provided after submission of the final report and working paper.

The research must be completed in no more than 10 months. Grant recipients

are expected to submit 1 brief report upon completion of their research as

well as 1 working paper on their research findings. Best papers will be

disseminated through the GCST webpage.

For more information on the Small Grants rules, click here


Applications are due on December 15th, 2009 and must be sent through postal

or electronic mail to:

Global Consortium on Security Transformation (GCST)

Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO)

Av. Dag Hammarskjold 3269, Vitacura, Santiago de Chile

Email: [email protected]

Phone.: (+562) 290-0200


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