Thursday, November 05, 2009

Job opportunity: compliance officer

A Compliance Officer (CO) is required to assist a Port Harcourt based British and Middle Eastern maritime company in adhering to Nigerian Maritime Law . In this capacity, the CO is expected to perform the following duties :

  • inspections of the company to ensure that they are adhering to Nigerian Maritime Law standards
  • analysis of the current organisational structure for compliance
  • advise the company on what is needed for compliance - working with a maritime lawyer
  • advise the company on a compliance structure (if required) - working with a maritime lawyer
  • a plan for implementation (including a timeline) - working with a maritime lawyer
  • overview of the Nigerian maritime industry and benefits to be gained from being compliant (identifying new opportunities etc) - working with a maritime lawyer

The above will be compiled into a report which will be submitted to the client.

Person Aptitude and Skills
Demonstrated high level of investigative, interview and compliance skills including the ability to critically analyse issues, interpret complex legislation, provide sound advice and write reports in a clear, concise, logical and legally acceptable manner.
Proven high level of experience with the enforcement of legislation and application of inspection, education and enforcement procedures and practices.
Proven experience in providing leadership and coordination to small teams engaged in field operations and compliance activities including planning and coordinating work activities to ensure satisfaction of organisational goals and efficiently and effectively managing operational and administrative documentation.
High level interpersonal and written and verbal communication skills to consult and negotiate with a range of stakeholders, deal tactfully and impartially with conflict, develop and present educative information to groups and maintain a high level of personal integrity and credibility.
Demonstrated high level knowledge of the “Guidelines onimplementationof coastal and inland shipping (Cabotage) Act, 2003.Revised 2007” in particular the 6 categories of Cabotage trade vessels. These are referred to as the ‘Special Registers’.

  1. Education: A Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s desired.
  2. Experience: At least four years of proven professional experience.

The successful is expected to travel to Port Harcourt but will primarily work from home (and attend periodic meetings in Victoria Island with the maritime lawyer). Work to be completed within one month. There will be a signed contract between the successful applicant and Riplington & Associates.

Salary: $1,500

Application: Please email CV and Covering Letter (addressing how you meet the person aptitude and skills) to Abiola Sanusi via email only to : [email protected]

Deadline: 20th November
Abiola Sanusi
Principal Consultant
Riplington & Associates
Tel: + 234 1760 5167
Mob: +234 807 850 3887
E: [email protected]
W: <>


Richard,  5:22 pm  

Haha, when I first saw the 1,500 salary I was shocked. Then I thought the ad was a joke. I looked through the ad again and it looked serious.
Then I saw the dollar sign. It's amazing the world of difference a dollar sign makes.

Anonymous,  10:37 pm  

Wait, $1500? Is that a monthly salary or yearly salary because either way that's is kinda low. People shouldn't think cos there is a dollar sign behind it, its a lot....that's just N225,000. With the standard of living so high in Nigeria, that amount only does so much....

Anonymous,  2:44 am  

Please, tell us . Is it annually or monthly? If it is annually, that is just too small.

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